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Dean Weyer
Director of Operations & Finance

Posted 10/18/2022

Job Title:

Director of Liturgy & Music


Full time


St. Pius X Parish Community
2506 Wauwatosa Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213


GENERAL - Member of the Pastoral Team. - Collaborates with the Pastor and other members of the Pastoral Team in implementing the mission of the parish. - Participates in the comprehensive planning, implementation and evaluation of the parish’s programs, goals, and objectives with specific focus on music and liturgy. - Serves as a professional resource to the Pastoral Team in the areas of music and liturgy. - Member of the Liturgy Committee. - Professionally guides the committee as it discerns the liturgical and musical needs of the community and plans, develops, implements and evaluates the liturgical and musical elements in celebrations which seek to serve those needs. - Maintains a level of knowledge and skill required for these ministries by an ongoing program of continuing education. - Attends workshops and conventions as approved and appropriate. - Participates in local, regional and professional organizations as approved and appropriate. MUSIC PROGRAM - Plan, prepare and provide for music at weekend liturgies, funerals, penance services, assigned school liturgies and any other special liturgical celebrations. - Oversee the recruitment, scheduling and training of all musicians. - Direct and accompany and/or act as a resource person for all choral and instrumental groups who provide music for parish liturgical celebrations and when necessary, arrange music for parts and instruments. - Act as a music resource person for parish groups. - Maintain, organize and update worship materials and secure and maintain copyrights. - Along with the liturgy commission, set parish music policies. - Hire professional musicians when needed and allowed by budget. - Plan long range repertoire. - Plan music for weddings and funerals with individuals involved. LITURGY PROGRAM - Oversee the recruitment, scheduling and training of all liturgical ministers. - With the liturgy commission, and environment committee, plan liturgical seasons, form liturgical goals and initiatives, evaluate the liturgical program and recommend changes. - Adapt and compose prayers and rituals. - Know and iterate the liturgical norms for rites and seasons. - Facilitate preparations and rehearsals for the liturgies and seasons and oversee and/or set up liturgical needs (hosts/wine, liturgical books, vessels, microphones/ sound system and hymnals/orders of worship). - Assist visiting clergy. - Act as a liturgy resource person for parish groups. - Perform any liturgical ministry as needed. - Participate fully in the liturgy and greet people after the liturgy. ADMINISTRATIVE - Develop a workable budget for liturgy and music programs of the parish within parish guidelines. - Monitor the budget once approved. - Assume responsibility for the upkeep of all music related materials and instruments and all liturgical resources. If interested in this opportunity please send cover letter, letters of reference and resume to Dean Weyer at


- A broad knowledge and appreciation of the Church’s liturgy and liturgical music, an understanding of the parts of the liturgy and their creative potential, and a knowledge of the church calendar and liturgical seasons. - A knowledge of liturgical music styles and repertoire. - Skills and experience related to the tasks expected. - Ability to develop, lead and sustain a program of good congregational singing. - Ability to recruit and train musical and liturgical ministers. - Stamina and the ability/willingness to work weekends and some evenings. Must be flexible, dependable, and able to manage time well.

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