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Maureen Williams
Director of Special Projects

Posted 8/30/2021

Job Title:

Compliance and Support Coordinator


Full time


Saint Clement Parish
642 W. Deming Place
Chicago, IL


Position Summary

The Parish Compliance and Support Coordinator is a member of the school staff, responsible for compliance requirements for both the school and the church, and some support functions for the school. Sample responsibilities are to manage all “Protecting God’s Children’s” protocols, background checks, finger printing (teachers), Code of Conduct and mandatory training required by the Archdiocese, e.g., preventing sexual harassment, mandated reporter, and online VIRTUS background checks. The coordinator also tracks service hours and time off for the staff.


• Collaborates with other members of the school and church staff, and parish volunteers in strengthening the mission of Saint Clement parish.

• Monitors and maintains VIRTUS compliance for all church and school employees, and for all relevant contract employees or volunteers. Provide necessary resources to ensure paperwork is completed, requirements are met, and training is completed.

• Monitors and maintains CANTS, background checks, and Mandated Reporter Training compliance for all relevant employees, contract staffs, volunteers, etc.

• Ensures all Code of Conduct, Mandated Reporter training, Background Checks, CANTS and any other compliance requirements are met on an ongoing basis and recertifications completed.

• Manages the communications about, and successful completion of, all required compliance training for all relevant employees and others as needed.

• Completes the annual compliance audit and ensure timely submission to the Archdiocese.

• Tracks “service hours” by school parents.

• Tracks sick, vacation and personal (out of office) time for salaried school employees.

• All other responsibilities as assigned.


• Passionate about and committed to the Mission of the Catholic Church, Saint Clement and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

• Demonstrates understanding, respect and support for Catholic Church teaching, mission and values.

• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, or equivalent work experience.

• Proven track record coaching or developing others.

• Ability to build relationships and communicate effectively with people from varied social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

• Proven ability to ensure others complete required tasks, e.g., mandatory training, in a way that supports effective and positive relationships.

• Exceptional project management and detail-oriented skills.

• Culturally and politically astute; understands implicit and explicit decision-making processes.

• Strong read of people and situations; able to ascertain needs and match resources.

• Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, Power Point and data base systems.

• Good Working knowledge of communications strategies, social media techniques.

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