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The Good Word

1st Thursday Monthly, 8:30-9 a.m.

The Good Word is produced by St. Joseph College Seminary.

Joe Hinderer Matt Pajor

About St. Joseph College Seminary:
St. Joseph College Seminary is the undergraduate seminary program of the Archdiocese of Chicago affiliated with Loyola University and located on its Lakeshore Campus. Working together, our faculty, staff, and college seminarians create a vibrant community centered in the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Through programs of spiritual formation, apostolic work, and academic study, the college seminarians have an opportunity to develop into well-educated, well-balanced Catholic men as they discern their call to serve the Church and society one day as Catholic priests.

The college seminarians earn a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago in conjunction with requirements of the Program of Priestly Formation. They also earn a special minor degree in Communication for the New Evanglization.

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Advent: Traditions, Christ, and His Mother

Anticipating the beginning of Advent on December 3rd, The Good Word is joined by Fr. Lou Cameli for an in-depth look at the traditions and significance of the liturgical season which prepares us for Christmas. Fr. Cameli and our hosts offer a fascinating look at this history of the season, and some humorous stories of how certain traditions came to be. Later in the show, Fr. Cameli offers his thoughts on the Immaculate Conception, as well as some common misconceptions about the birth of Jesus. Be sure to catch this exciting show!
Friday, December 01, 2017 | Stream | Download

The Communion of Saints and Saintly Relics

This month the show takes a look at some of the key features of the month of November for Catholics. Remembering that November is sometimes known as “The Month of the Dead,” The Good Word sits down with Fr. Dennis O’Neill to discuss the communion of saints and saintly relics. Fr. O’Neill explains what the communion of saints is, and how it is important for those of us who are part of the Church here on earth. Later, he also tells us about the rich Catholic tradition of relic veneration, drawing on his experience as the pastor of St. Martha Parish, which is home to a collection of over 1500 saintly relics. You won’t want to miss this great show!
Friday, November 03, 2017 | Stream | Download

Introducing the Liturgical Calendar: Importance and Impact

This educational show features an in-depth look at the importance of the liturgical calendar (our theme for the year). Fr. Dan Flens, Director of Liturgy and Pastoral Formation, joins us for a fascinating explanation of the difference between the secular calendar and the Church’s calendar, showing us how important it is for all Catholics. We also welcome Zel Salazar to the show for the first time, as he explains the joy that comes from being the head sacristan for the seminary chapel. Joe and Matt also discuss what they feel are the most important moments of the calendar for them; come hear what they have to say on this wonderful show!
Friday, October 06, 2017 | Stream | Download

Good and Holy Discernment: The Call Changes Throughout Our Lives

This exciting show features a look at various stages of discernment from two of our seminarians. Jose Sandoval, a sophomore student who transferred to St. Joseph discusses the beginning of his call to the priesthood, as well as challenges and aspirations for his first year in seminary. Later, our very own Joe Hinderer talks with Fr. Chris Gustafson, the pastor of Our Lady of Ransom, the site of Joe’s summer apostolate. Finally, Joe and Matt have an opportunity to discuss what elements of seminary life have been most impactful for them. You won’t want to miss this great show!
Friday, September 01, 2017 | Stream | Download

Catholic Schools and Vocations: Involvement and Impact on Discernment

As we begin a new season of The Good Word and look forward to the beginning of the new academic year, we have the chance to learn more about how Catholic Schools can influence a young man’s discernment in profound ways. We welcome Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent of the Catholic School System in Chicago, who offers insight into a school’s role in promoting and supporting vocations. Later in the show, we are also joined by Deacon Charlie Plovanich as he shares his story of discernment throughout a lifetime of Catholic education; join us for this fantastic show!
Friday, August 04, 2017 | Stream | Download

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