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The Good Word

The Good Word was produced by St. Joseph College Seminary.

Joe Hinderer Matt Pajor

About St. Joseph College Seminary:
St. Joseph College Seminary is the undergraduate seminary program of the Archdiocese of Chicago affiliated with Loyola University and located on its Lakeshore Campus. Working together, our faculty, staff, and college seminarians create a vibrant community centered in the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Through programs of spiritual formation, apostolic work, and academic study, the college seminarians have an opportunity to develop into well-educated, well-balanced Catholic men as they discern their call to serve the Church and society one day as Catholic priests.

The college seminarians earn a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago in conjunction with requirements of the Program of Priestly Formation. They also earn a special minor degree in Communication for the New Evanglization.

Visit us to learn more at:


Mary: Christ’s Mother and Our Mother

On this month’s The Good Word we welcome our very own Fr. Mark Augustine, a formator at St. Joseph College Seminary and the priest advisor to The Good Word, to the show. We begin the show by discussing a little bit about Mary’s role in the history of salvation and of the early Church. Later, we talk about how important of a role model Mary is for each of us, and the unique role she plays for us as Mother of the Church and our own mother. Finally, we conclude by thanking our loyal listeners for their support over the past four years, as this is the last episode of The Good Word. Please see the seminary’s website ( for more information regarding new methods of communication, evangelization, and ministry in which the seminary community hopes to engage next Fall. Thank you.
Thursday, May 03, 2018 | Stream | Download

The Gift of Easter and Divine Mercy

This month on The Good Word we’re pleased to welcome a member of the Jesuit community at Loyola University, Fr. John Murphy, SJ. At the beginning of the show we explore the earliest origins of Easter and its various traditions. Fr. Murphy and our hosts, Joe Hinderer and Matt Pajor, discuss the importance and significance of the Paschal Candle, as well as what makes the commemoration of Christ’s Resurrection so special at Easter. Finally, we have a chance to hear a little about how time is uniquely sanctified in the octave of Easter, which concludes with Divine Mercy Sunday. Don’t miss out on this informative show!
Thursday, April 05, 2018 | Stream | Download

The Theology & Experience of Lent

Featured on The Good Word this month, along with our hosts Joe Hinderer and Matt Pajor, is Fr. Ken Simpson, the Vicar for Professional and Pastoral Development of Priests in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Early on in the season of Lent, we hear from Fr. Ken about the traditions of Lent and why the Church encourages her members to pursue certain penances such as fasting and abstaining from meat. Finally, Fr. Ken, Joe, and Matt discuss some of their own personal Lenten practices and some practical advice for keeping yours. Be sure to listen to this fascinating show!
Thursday, March 01, 2018 | Stream | Download

The Presentation of the Lord: Prophecy, Promise, and Calling

This month on The Good Word, our hosts Joe Hinderer and Matt Pajor invite seminarians Andres Tejeda and Max Rettler to the show to discuss the beginnings of their vocational callings. As we celebrate the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, we remember the prophetic words of purpose and calling which Simeon speaks to Mary about herself and her Son, and so too for us does God speak. Andres and Max tell us a little about they have heard the voice of the Lord calling them in their lives, and what it was like to begin the process of priestly discernment in the college seminary program. You won’t want to miss this great show!
Thursday, February 01, 2018 | Stream | Download

The Baptism of the Lord and Doing His Ministry

As we arrive at the close of the Christmas season, The Good Word invites Fr. Mike Schershel and seminarian Kevin Tanel onto the show to explore the Baptism of the Lord and its meaning for our lives. We hear about the reasons why Jesus was baptized, and learn a little about the origins of the Sacrament in the Church. Later on, Fr. Mike and Kevin share their thoughts and advice for living out our baptismal commitments. Finally, Kevin and our hosts offer their reflections on how their own pastoral work this year is influenced by the Sacrament. Don’t miss this installment of The Good Word!
Thursday, January 11, 2018 | Stream | Download

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