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Diakonia: A Call to Service

1st Thursday Monthly, 8:30-9 a.m.

Deacons Richard Hudzik and Dave Brencic explore the importance of deacons in the Catholic Church today.  They discuss the varied services deacons perform for their Church communities and for people in need no matter what their faith background.

Deacon Richard HudzikDeacon Dave Brencic

Ministering to Women in Prison

Shawn Tiemeier, wife of Chicago Deacon David Tiemeier, shares with Deacons Richard Hudzik and Dave Brencic her experiences with Women at the Well Prison Ministry. The ecumenical group travels downstate to Logan Correctional Center and conducts retreats and monthly Bible studies with women incarcerated in the maximum-security prison. Shawn says the group brings “life-giving water – God’s message of unconditional love and forgiveness.”
Thursday, April 04, 2019 | Stream | Download

Marriage, Chastity and Respect for Life Arise from God’s Love for Each of us.

The Archdiocese’s Senior Coordinator for Respect Life Ministry and Chastity Education Dawn Fitzpatrick joins Deacons Dave Brencic and Richard Hudzik for a discussion on the witness of marriage, the meaning of chastity and how both topics relate to respect for life. Employing an anthropology that articulates our status as Children of God, the conversation addresses the fact that God’s love for us both dignifies us and calls for us to honor each other with dignity.
Thursday, March 07, 2019 | Stream | Download

Wisdom from Suffering

Deacons Stuart Heyes and Dave Brencic join Deacon Richard Hudzik for a discussion on the ministerial response to those suffering from illness. Deacon Dave related his own recent lengthy recovery from some broken bones and Deacon Stuart spoke of the efforts of parish-based ministers of care. These many minsters of care, assisted by some deacons, engage in one-on-one visiting, with prayer and the Eucharist. The ministers of care attend to both body and soul of those separated from physical presence at the Sunday Eucharist. The difficult concept of redemptive suffering was raised, as expressed in St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians and in Pope St. John Paul’s letter “Salvfici doloris.”
Thursday, February 07, 2019 | Stream | Download

Bringing the Healing Hand of Jesus to Mental Illness

Deacons Tom Lambert and Dan Welter speak with Deacon Richard Hudzik about what the Church’s response is to persons affected by mental illness—those with such a diagnosis, their families and friends and the communities in which all of us live. Deacons Lambert and Welter are active in both the local Church’s response, as well as national and regional efforts to offer the embrace of the Church. Citing statistics that show mental illness affects virtually every person, either as patient or someone who loves or knows a patient, the deacons have responded to encourage parishes and other deacons to confront the issues of mental illness. The stigma, isolation and fear that surround the topic and the persons affected, directly or indirectly, can be minimized if not healed. By embracing the whole person, both body, soul and spirit, the compassion of Jesus can come to life. Parish- and regionally-based initiatives in the Archdiocese are discussed, as well as directions that point the listeners to helpful resources.
Thursday, January 03, 2019 | Stream | Download

Zacchaeus’ Conversion

Deacon Alfred Coleman, Executive Director of Zacchaeus House, speaks with Deacon Richard Hudzik about the work of Zacchaeus House. Deacon Alfred explains the origins of this south-side ministry that provides stability and shelter for men in transition from homelessness to a return to productivity and tranquility in life. The focus of the stay at the House, which can accommodate up to nine men at a time, is on job training, education, spirituality and psychologically healthy living. The healing of the hurts caused by homelessness—hurts caused to the families of the men, to the men themselves and to the community—is explored. Deacon Alfred relates how everyone can respond to homelessness, being especially mindful of those in their own families who, without intervention, support and love, might be on the path to homelessness themselves. The success stories as well as the sorrows and failures that happen to the men are told. We see both the Resurrection and the Fall in life at Zacchaeus House.
Thursday, December 06, 2018 | Stream | Download

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