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Mission of Love

3rd Wednesday Monthly 8 - 9 a.m.

"Mission of Love" is sponsored by the Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship (OEMD). Each month, the show will focus on spreading the "Good News" through the lens of evangelization and discipleship. Topics will include ways people and communities are evangelizing, discipleship happenings in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and how we encounter Christ in our world.

Hosts: Elizabeth Jennings White, Director of the OEMD

Reflecting the Community We Serve

Understanding a person’s culture is an essential part for building trust to foster an environment of evangelization and hospitality. Host Beth White, Director of the Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship, speaks with Evangelization Coordinators Alicja Pozywio and José Coronel about their first-hand experiences of interacting and engaging with the Polish and Latino communities during various Evangelization Days and Taste of Alpha events. They discuss the significance of understanding a community’s shared beliefs and values, and what it means for them to be a reflection of these diverse communities that make up the Church. For information about upcoming Evangelization Days and Taste of Alpha events visit the Archdiocese website.
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 | Stream | Download

The Journey of Renew My Church

Jenn Delvaux from the Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship was joined by Valerie Jennings, Parish Vitality Coordinator for Vicariate VI, for a discussion about the journey of Renew My Church. The stories Valerie shared, and her experiences highlight the crucial role of building community among our parish groupings, prayer, and abundant hospitality. Valerie opened up her experience and offers advice to every Catholic in Chicago as we continue the effort to form vital parishes with a culture of evangelization.
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 | Stream | Download

Prayer and Personal Renewal

Co-hosts Beth White and Jenn Delvaux from the Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship were joined by Cliff Barber, Chief Strategist for Renew My Church, who shared his journey to his role in the Archdiocese and our renewal process. The core of evangelization is always grounded in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Cliff shared his commitment to prayer and ongoing renewal. The second half of the show was dedicated to personal prayer resources, good reads and ways to connect on a deeper level with Jesus.
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 | Stream | Download

Spreading the Good News: Happenings in the Archdiocese

Communications is central to any organization. To bring about renewal and to help parishes achieve the three Renew My Church Imperatives – build communities, make disciples and inspire witness- communications is essential. Host Beth White, Director of the Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship, was joined by Michael MacKenzie the Director for Internal Communications for the Archdiocese of Chicago to share ways he is spreading the Good News. Mike is launching a new, robust Renew My Church website, which will be linked from the Archdiocesan website and shared how to access the Summit videos and discussion guides that we are encouraging all to share with their fellow parishioners ( Go to the RMC Summit Next Steps page for details). The interviewee became the interviewer. For the second half of the show, Mike asked members of the Evangelization Team about events they had hosted in the Archdiocese over the past month and the ways in which they think about evangelization, discipleship and missionary discipleship. Jenn Delvaux, José Coronel, and Beth White talked about their research, insights and the three Evangelization Days and the six Taste of Alphas they had hosted. More Evangelization Days are coming in January as well as additional Alpha sessions. Visit to find out more.
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | Stream | Download

A Culture of Evangelization is Central to Renewal

On October 1-2, 2018, the Archdiocese of Chicago hosted a two-day summit focused on renewal and how we are going to build a new reality together. Host Beth White and Co-Host Jenn Delvaux from the Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship spoke with Kathy McNicholas the Pastoral Associate and Director of Religious Education at Incarnation Parish in Palos Heights about her experience and her takeaways from the Summit. Two Parish Vitality Coordinators, Anne Chrzan from vicariate two and Nicholas Carlson from vicariate five, spoke about how they are helping parishes in their respective vicariates with the renewal process. The two-day Renew My Church Summit stressed the importance of creating a culture of evangelization and offered next steps. Visit to find out more about the Evangelization Days and Taste of Alpha opportunities available in each vicariate being offered in the coming weeks and months.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | Stream | Download

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