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Posted 9/8/2017

Job Title:

Parish Vitality Coordinator


Parish Vitality & Mission


Archbishop Quigley Center
835 N. Rush St.
Chicago, IL 60611-2030


Full time


Basic Functions:

Parish Vitality Coordinator is a senior position within the Archdiocese of Chicago serving the needs of a particular vicariate (pastoral area.) As a vicariate level ministerial coordinator he/ she will support the pastoral vision of the Archbishop of Chicago (Department of Parish Vitality and Mission) and a particular vicar (auxiliary bishop) in fostering collaboration, coordinating training and ensuring a successful implementation of the “Renew My Church” initiative.


1.*Helps identify parish needs and works with vicars and PV&M colleagues to determine best way to support parishes in addressing those needs.

  • Establishes relationships with deans, pastors and pastoral staffs through visitation of parishes to acquire knowledge of parish life and identify parish needs
  • Participates in annual process for prioritizing needs and determining responsibilities for follow-up

2.*Collaborates with Episcopal Vicar (Auxiliary Bishop) in designing and executing vicariate ministry strategy.

  • Helps identify vicariate-specific ministry needs and develops supporting action plans.
  • Serves as a vicariate ministry coordinator for the “Review My Church” initiative. •
  • Takes the lead in designing and implementing vicariate-level ministry (e.g., vicariate collaboration around “Renew My Church.”
  • Oversees vicariate-level training and capability-building (e.g., through Vicariate Commissions.)
  • Fosters collaboration between parishes within the vicariate.
  • Assists the vicar in whatever pastoral initiative needs assistance in the vicariate.

3.Orchestrates integrated and holistic support to parishes in their efforts to offer vibrant ministry to their people.

  • In collaboration with Life Long Formation Coordinator serves as a consultant to parishes in fostering mission vitality. Helps parishes conduct vitality self-assessments and holds parishes accountable for mission vitality
  • Follows up on Parish Transformation goals & strategies as outlined in individual Parish Transformation documents.
  • Serves as a broker for Parish Vitality and Mission resources and a liaison from the parish to Archdiocesan pastoral services.
  • Meets regularly with other vicariate Archdiocesan Coordinator of Parish Vitality for support, communications and collaborative effort.
  • Meets weekly with the Coordinator of Life Long Formation for support, division of work, etc.
  • Meets bi-weekly with the Director of the Department of Parish Vitality and Mission and other diocesan leaders to ensure ongoing communication and clear strategy.

4.*Helps gather and codify best practices in ministry (along Parish Transformation dimensions) within the Archdiocese of Chicago and from other dioceses.

5.*Serves as a core member of the vicariate team in helping ensure vibrant ministry at parishes.

  • Integral member of member of the Episcopal Vicar’s staff and reports to the vicar and to the Director of PV&M
  • Participates in deanery and vicariate meetings


  • Masters Degree preferred
  • 3+ years with coordination experience at the parish level
  • Must demonstrate understanding and support for Catholic Church teaching, missions and values
  • Lay Ecclesial Ministry experience preferred, such as Participation in Parish Transformation as a parishioner, staff member or facilitator,participation in a formation program offered by the Archdiocese of Chicago designed specifically for this role and/or participation in one of the national or local initiatives that focus on parish excellence, pastoral leadership, governance, etc. (e.g. Amazing Parish Conference, Parish Catalyst, Loyola’s IPS Parish based initiatives)
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills
  • Team Player with strong Conflict Resolution skills
  • Strong facilitation skills, ability to conduct open dialogue
  • Ability to relate at multiple ecclesial levels: parish, deanery, vicariate, Archdiocesan and departmental
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills including Word and Power Point
  • Strong decision making ability and exercising good judgment
  • Other skills as deemed necessary by local Vicar
  • Bilingual English skills and fluent in written and spoken Spanish or Polish

If you are interested in being considered for this opening, please visit the list of open positions on AppliTrack. Please complete a letter of interest, a profile, or submit your resume.

Thank you for your interest in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

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