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Webinar Series

Introducing  the Stewardship Webinar Series! These webinars are open to anyone in your parish community. For more information on the series click here: Stewardship Series Program

Please register for “Connecting Online Givers to the Sunday Offertory” on Jan 26, 2017 11:00 AM CST at:

This webinar will cover online best practices for stewardship pages. We will also cover how to create an online stewardship experience and how to connect your online audience to the Sunday Offertory.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Did you miss the December webinar: Creating an Acknowledgement Strategy that Sticks? View the recording here:

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The Spirit of Stewardship E-Newsletter

The Theology of Stewardship

In 1992, the USCCB published, Stewardship: A Disciple's Response. That document is now 24 years old and we wanted to take a closer look at applying the document's lessons to our Parish stewardship efforts today. This series of articles will look at the summary we provided with a fresh look and new applications toward Parish stewardship.

  • Click here for the summary on The Theology of Stewardship
  • Click here to read "Part I: Disciples as Stewards"
  • Click here to read "Part II: Stewards of Creation"
  • Click here to read "Part III: Stewards of Vocation"
  • Click here to read "Part IV: Stewardship of the Church"

Click here to read the original document from the United States’ Conference of Catholic Bishops, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, 1992.

Stewardship 3.0 Workshop Materials

Planned Offertory Program

Planned Offertory Program Enhancements (POP)
We are excited to share with you new enhancements to the Planned Offertory Program (POP). This year, the program will not only include example letter templates, but coordinated messaging within a stewardship theme.

*The themed letter templates will be uploaded to the stewardship website the first week of October for you to adapt and print.

There are 3 steps to participate: 

1. Fill out the "order form" here:

2. You will also need to send content and photos, "saved/labeled" with your parish name to:

3. Please refer to the guides below to learn about content customization. Send Parish content as a word document, saved with your parish name, (ie. St. Denis POP Content) to the dropbox link:

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Price, Parish Stewardship Coordinator at

About the Stewardship Program

Stewardship challenges us to live counter-culturally, anchored in the Gospel message and wholly cognizant that in only living as our model steward, Jesus, we will find hope, true freedom, and lasting joy and peace.


  • Asks that we help each other recognize the gifts and talents with which God has blessed  us and the ways in which we have been blessed through the gifts and talents of others;
  • Invites us to help discern, call forth, and continually encourage one another to use the gifts and talents with which God has blessed us according to God’s will; and
  • Challenges us to share our time, talent and treasure beyond what we believe we can do or give so we can grow, individually and collectively, as God desires.


The parish stewardship office of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Stewardship and Development Department exists to support and educate our priests and people to enable them to realize the joy that is theirs by:

boldly reclaiming their role as baptized disciples of Jesus Christ,

recognizing and embracing God as the Source of all, and

gratefully responding to God’s abundance by sharing our gifts.


Chicago Catholics will dare to live:

as if Jesus Christ were the center of their lives and the source of their livelihoods,

as if life in Christ were the one desire animating all others in their everyday actions,

as if sharing their lives and gifts with one another were the only viable option for being truly human,

as if they can no longer pretend that stewardship were simply a choice, rather than an ultimate concern of life itself.

A member of the Stewardship and Development Department, the Vicariate Stewardship Consultant serves as a consultant to parish stewardship professionals and parish leadership groups in their efforts to educate and inspire their community about stewardship. The consultant provides stewardship education presentations, stewardship committee formation training and assistance with time, talent and treasure annual renewals (Planned Offering Program).

Assistance provided by the Vicariate Stewardship Consultant is a service of the Department of Stewardship and Development and is complimentary.

Katie Price
Parish Stewardship Coordinator

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