Independent Review Board

The Independent Review Board (Review Board) is advisory to the Archbishop concerning matters of allegations of the sexual abuse of minors against clergy of the Archdiocese of Chicago who are in good standing (i.e. active or retired). The Review Board consists of nine to 11 individuals who are appointed by the Archbishop.  Six of the Review Board members are lay Catholics who are not employees of the church and represent one of each of the following backgrounds: a psychiatrist, a psychologist or social worker, an attorney, a parish council member, a parent, and a victim/survivor or parent of victim/survivor of child sexual abuse.  Three of the members are clerics of this archdiocese (two priests and one deacon).  The Archbishop, in consultation with the Review Board, may appoint one or two additional lay Catholics who shall be considered at large member(s).
The role of the Review Board is to provide determinations and recommendations to the Archbishop regarding the fitness of ministry for clerics accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, based upon the standard of safety for children. 

For any questions regarding the Independent Review Board, please contact the Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review at 312-534-5205 or

Current List of members

  • Mr. William Blanchard
  • Mr. James Brault
  • Rev. Paul Burak
  • Deacon Alfred Coleman
  • Rev. Kevin Feeney
  • Mr. Michael Morrissey
  • Hon. Mary Mulhern
  • Mrs. Susan Wood - O'Leary
  • Tim Ruffner
  • Dr. Cheryl Scallon
  • Kathleen Walsh