Archdiocese of Chicago
Office for Lay Ecclesial Ministry
Department of Personnel Services

PACC (Pastoral Associate Certification Commission)

The PACC is the body that deliberates on matters, relating to pastoral associate certification, including certification requirements, ongoing formation and education, mentoring, etc.


  • Representatives of Higher Education Institutions:
      • Catholic Theological Union, Dominican University, Loyola University Institute of Pastoral Studies, and St. Xavier University
  • One Pastoral Associate from each of the six Archdiocesan Vicariates
  • One PAAC Co-Chair
  • One Priest Pastor
  • Director, Office for Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Membership Time Commitment:

Higher Education Institution Representatives are ongoing members. If necessary to resign, the representative must seek a replacement for himself or herself.

Pastoral associate representatives from each Archdiocesan Vicariate hold membership for two years, renewable for two more years with the exception of the first group formed in January 1998. This group's membership will alternate as follows:

Vicariates I, III, and V: one-year term, renewable for two years.
Vicariates II, IV, and VI: two-year term renewable.
PAAC Co-Chair term will coincide with Board term.
Pastor: two-year term, renewable.
Director of Office for Lay Ecclesial Ministry: length of term in office.

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