The goal of the Archdiocesan conciliation process is shaped by, and anchored in, Scripture. Simply, that goal is to assist those engaged in disputes to settle those disputes within the context and spirit of peace and reconciliation. The goal then is to bring not only resolution to problems, but to restore broken relationships whenever possible.

Conciliation achieves its goal by creating an atmosphere where faith, prayer, respect for truth, compassion for failure, understanding human weakness, openness to conversion and readiness to change are part of the fabric of the resolution to the problem.


Employees, pastors, agency directors, lay volunteers and individual members of the Church who have been unable to find a solution to a Church-related problem may contact the Office of Conciliation to initiate the process to determine whether or not the problem is within the jurisdiction of the Office of Conciliation. If the problem falls within the aegis of the Office of Conciliation, and the disputing parties agree to enter into the conciliation process, a Volunteer Conciliator is assigned to assist the parties in resolving their disputes.

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