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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fifty Years of Marriage and Advice for Newlyweds

By Frank Hannigan

When my wife Marilyn and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary recently I realized that in fifteen years I would be attending our own Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass…fifteen years! How could that be possible? I always thought only older people were married that long!

The Family Ministries Office has been hosting the Golden Wedding Mass for over forty years and it’s always a day my staff looks forward to. What a great chance to meet and honor the people that really built the church in Chicago; that sent their kids to and supported the Catholic schools, that have overcome obstacles and stayed together for fifty years and have truly achieved the status of soul mates.

These people really know the meaning of “For better, for worse…in sickness and in health.” Many of them contributed to True Soul Mates: Couples married 50 years share their advice for lifelong marriage, our annual survey book of advice for newlyweds. Some excerpts from their answers to the question: “What advice would you give couples getting married?”

Have a sense of humor and don’t sweat the little things.  Richard Zaremba

Take the word me out of your life and replace it with us.   Rita LeMaster

Try to love as Jesus loved, a very hard thing for most of us.   Paul J. Straka

Never go to bed angry at each other. Say sorry even if you didn’t do anything wrong.     Ruth Kaminski

Say I love you often and really mean it.     Annette Berger

Always have the last say. “Yes, dear,” works for me.     Donald Brongiel

If you or someone you know is married 50 years and would like to attend the Golden Wedding Mass, call 312.534.8351 or register online.