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Monday, June 09, 2014

Father’s Day

By Frank Hannigan

When I think about Father’s Day, I naturally think of my own father. I would imagine that’s true for most sons and daughters. If your father is or has been a big part of your life you have probably learned many lessons. In my case, I have learned to respect others, see the positive, give others the benefit of the doubt, know that you can overcome adversity to love and cherish your wife and the importance of faith. These, and countless other lessons over many years, have served me well. My sister, brothers and I are now learning what it means to age with grace and dignity as Dad is beginning to slow down in his late 80’s.

As I think back, these lessons weren’t taught with words as much as they were taught by example. That is true today, as well. Spending time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren is time Dad cherishes and enjoys so much. The concern and care he shows helps the younger generations to know they are valued and loved. Without saying a word, lessons continue to be taught and learned.

Blessings to all fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, and father figures this Father’s Day. Thank you for all you have taught us.