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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Sacred Communion: A Multi-Cultural Celebration

By Sr. Rene Simonelic, OSF

There is an amazing event on the horizon, November 16-18, and you are invited to be part of One Sacred Communion, developed by the Office for Divine Worship with the support of Liturgy Training Publications.  It will be hosted at the Motherhouse of the Congregation of St. Joseph in La Grange Park.  Fondly called OSC, One Sacred Communion is a prayer service, study day, and festival liturgy, all wrapped into one around the theme of cultural pluralism in the liturgy.

One Sacred Communion opens on Friday evening, November 16 with a multi-cultural Sacred Concert and Prayer Service, featuring six ethnic choirs that give a glimpse into the cultural wealth of the Archdiocese of Chicago.   Everyone is welcome to attend this free-admission event.  Prepare to be amazed!

Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC, Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles andthe keynote speaker for the OSC Colloquium on November 17, will address the theological and spiritual dimensions of cultural pluralism rooted in our unity in Christ.  Preparatory readings and table discussion will bring the topic home:  what does this mean for my parish?  The dialogue continues into the afternoon with outstanding panelists of global and pastoral experience:   Teresita Nuval, Marco Lopez, Fr. Freddy Washington, and Fr. (Zdzisław) Jason Torba.  Facilitated by Todd Williamson, Director of the Office for Worship, they will speak to the topic of cultural pluralism from their own expertise.  Table discussion and open mic will create an interactive environment for questions and comments.

The purpose of the colloquium is to bring parish leaders together around the topic of cultural pluralism in the liturgy with an opportunity to dialogue about diversity and to search for ways to deepen our experience of celebrating the Sunday Mass.  It aims to explore first hand, the blessings, dreams, and challenges we encounter as we weave the gifts of cultures, education, music, and generations, into a symphony of witness to our unity as One Sacred Communion in Christ. In this second year of the Archdiocesan strategic plan “Year of Sunday Mass” we offer a vision that is promising to promote the goals this plan holds out to us: Motivation – deepen the desire in Catholics to participate in Sunday Mass; Formation – help those who come to Mass understand the rituals, gestures and words; Celebration- allow each worshipping community to use their talents to celebrate in word, song and ritual.

The culminating event of the weekend will be the celebration of Sunday Mass – our source and summit. This liturgy, on Sunday, November 18, will include an Adult Choir Fest, whose participantswill gather from parish choirs across the Archdiocese.  Under the direction of Dr. Rollo Dilworth from Temple University in Philadelphia, the “Choir Fest” participants will serve as music ministers for the Mass.  Everyone is invited!

As the weekend comes to a conclusion we hope that we will have taken one more step toward creating a spiritual lens from which to understand our diversity in the light of our unity in Christ.

The incredible effort of over 300 people will bring One Sacred Communion to life.  Register now to sing with the Adult Choral Fest, participate in the Colloquium, or bothCome, join your voice to the many voices giving praise and thanks to God at the Sacred Concert and Festival Liturgy.  Find more information, videos, sound clips, registration form and more by visiting or calling 312-534-8013.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012 7:07 PM

What an exciting event! I am so excited to learn more about it and hopefully attend.
I love how our Faith allows for so much diversity as people from all backgrounds fill the pews to join together in prayerful worship. This event seems particularly relevant as we just added 7 new saints 1 being Saint Kateri Tekakwith the first native american and Saint Pedro Calunsgod of the Phillipines. Both serve as stark reminders of the many facets and colors that make up the One Universal Church on Earth.
Can't wait to discover the different choirs and to see firsthand some of the amazing diversity we have right here in Catholic Chicago.
Sr. Simonelic, thanks for keeping us informed,

timothy c.