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Monday, January 23, 2012

2011 Annual Catholic Appeal – Results! 2012 Annual Catholic Appeal – Kick Off!

By Barbara Shea Collins

I am pleased to report that the 2011 Annual Catholic Appeal has raised a record $21,300,000 in pledges with $19,660,000 contributed.  This inspiring generosity has characterized the response to the Appeal in recent years.  It brings all of us such a profound sense of hope to know that even in these difficult economic times, the faithful of the Archdiocese of Chicago have continued to share what God has given them to support the critical work of the schools, parishes, agencies and ministries of the Archdiocese of Chicago. 

As we conclude the 2011 Annual Catholic Appeal, we look forward to the 2012 Appeal.  Its theme is drawn from Saint Paul: Be imitators of Christ! We make an enormous difference when we imitate Christ and support the ongoing mission of His Church.  Our support can take many forms—prayers, financial contributions, personal witness, and giving our time to share our talents.

Since 1991, the Annual Catholic Appeal has made an extraordinary impact on the work of this local Church and the future generations of Jesus’ disciples.  Through the loyalty and consistent generosity of over 97,500 households, the people of the Archdiocese have provided nearly $192,000,000 to help sustain Catholic schools, parishes, religious education programs and ministerial formation, initiatives to foster respect for life as well as those that make the world more just, peaceful and loving.  Through its support of Catholic Relief Services, the Annual Appeal serves people worldwide, without regard for religious affiliation, whose lives are devastated by natural disasters, illnesses, wars and famines.

All funds raised are carefully spent; it is money for God’s work, and we use it accordingly.  Your contributions are deeply appreciated, very much needed and make a real difference in the lives of many.  92 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the schools, parishes, agencies and ministries of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Please consider joining us in making a generous gift to the 2012 Annual Catholic Appeal, so that our Church can continue to carry out our mission which, indeed, is Christ’s mission:  Be imitators of Christ!


For more information, please go to or call 312-534-7959.