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Monday, March 07, 2011

Operation Rice Bowl: Hope for Haiti

By Adrienne Curry

A year after the earthquake, Haiti still needs our prayers and support.  Millions have been displaced and still suffer due to the stresses of living in temporary conditions, many without livelihoods.  As we begin the Lenten season, Haiti is the one of the featured countries for Operation Rice Bowl. Catholic Relief Services has created a comprehensive program for helping the Haitians rebuild their country, including the most basic infrastructure, many are working side by side with Catholic Relief Services to create a better life.  Consider a gift of hope to Haiti and choose a way to supply a basic need or service to our neighbors in Haiti.  You can purchase shares to help the people of Haiti

  • CRS is providing food to orphans, the elderly and other vulnerable groups, many of whom are living in camps, orphanages and hospitals.  We are also hosting seed fairs for farmers and offering cash-for-work programs in caps in Port-au-Prince.  We are piloting a rubble removal program that creates jobs by turning rubble into sand and gravel that can be sold for rebuilding projects.
  • CRS provided emergency shelter kits- including tarps, nails, ropes and bedding for tens of thousands of people displace by the earthquake, as well as large tents for hospitals and orphanages.  We are now helping build wooden shelters that can be dismantled and used later for permanent housing.  We are constructing 120 to 130 a week.
  • CRS supported teams of doctors and nurses in 3 hospitals and several clinics and camps as they treated an average of 350 patients and performed 30 surgeries every day.  As of December 2010, in collaboration with our partners, CRS provided 997 surgeries and conducted 64,000 outpatient consultations.
  • CRS has provided food and support to more than 100 orphanages and child care centers in Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes.  Over the past 12 months, CRS has registered 813 separated or unaccompanied children for family reunification.  We are currently providing them with interim care and support.
  • Access to clean water and sanitary facilities enables people to stay healthy while they cope during these stressful periods.  In our efforts to prevent further disaster from waterborne diseases, CRS continues to install systems for clean water and sanitation.

To purchase share to help the people of Haiti go to the CRS Hope for Haiti page.
Thank you for your continued support.