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Monday, January 10, 2011

Come and See!

In the Archdiocese of Chicago, we have a history of priests who have tirelessly preached the gospel each day, celebrated the sacraments, defended the dignity of life, championed freedom, marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., fed the hungry, comforted the sick, visited the dying, buried the dead, counseled, forgiven, and loved the people of God….all in the name of Jesus Christ. The need for priests in Chicago continues.

The same is true for women in religious life. Chicago has a strong history of women’s religious communities who started hospitals, taught in our catholic schools, served in parishes in many neighborhoods. Indeed, many of our priestly vocations came from the effective invitation of the religious sisters who taught in the parish schools. And they have done all this in the name of Christ. Chicago continues to need women to enter religious life, and the desire continues in the hearts of women in our city.

Deacons have served our Archdiocese for the past several decades, and continue to do so. This is another, particular call to discern. They serve at the altar, and serve the many needs in our communities: prisons, hospitals, marriage preparation; to name a few. Men continue to answer the call to Diaconate, as Christ calls them to it.

Jesus called two fishermen to follow him – when asked where he stayed, Jesus replied, “Come, and see.” Inviting men to consider the priesthood is as timeless as Christ’s words to those fishermen-turned-apostles. Inviting women to follow Christ into religious life is the same. Each generation has a need for men and women to follow a particular call to priesthood or religious life - to serve the Catholic Church in the particular needs of every generation.

The week of January 9-16 is National Vocation Awareness Week –

Pray for vocations, be open to a vocation, Come and See!

If you feel called to the priesthood check out

If you feel called to the women’s or men’s religious life, check out

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