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Dr. Carol L. Fowler

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Dr. Carol L. Fowler is the retired Director of the Department of Personnel Services

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  • Monday, April 05, 2010

    Have you and the members of your household been counted?

    The Archdiocese of Chicago hopes you have taken the opportunity to be counted by returning your completed Census 2010 form.  It is important!  The Census is how critical demographic information is gathered, analyzed and acted on for the next ten years.  Representation decisions in our local, state and federal government legislatures are based on this information.  Likewise resources and services are allocated using census data.  For the sake of all of us, we need those numbers to be accurate and inclusive.


  • Monday, February 08, 2010

    Healthy Church Leadership in the Diocese of Meru, Kenya

    Have you ever had such an onrush of new experiences that it seems impossible to sort out? I am in the midst of an explosion of new sights, sounds, people, prayer experiences, food, culture, and languages. I have been in the Diocese of Meru, Kenya since the middle of January, which has been both overwhelming and exhilarating. I am here with a small group of people who are part of an organization called the “Friends of Kenyan Orphans.”