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Deacon Sal Lema

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Deacon Sal Lema is the Director of Communications for the Society of Mt. Carmel.

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  • Monday, December 03, 2012

    Anticipating Joy through Hope; Hope’s on the Way

    When life looks so unlike life, what does the word of the Lord sound like?  John would tell us God’s word came to him in whispers on desert winds. “Every valley” would be lifted up, “every mountain” made low; crooked places would be straightened and rough places made smooth.  In a word, the word of the Lord would sound like the earth moving under our feet ending when “all flesh” would see God’s salvation in the coming Christ.  When you feel as if the very life has been knocked out of you, listen for the sound of the coming word of the Lord. That sound is the sound of hope before the brutal winds of a dry desert.