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Esther Hicks

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Esther Hicks is the Director of Catholic School Identity & Mission in the Office of Catholic Schools.

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  • Monday, August 13, 2012

    Partnering with the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka

    The Office of Catholic Schools has been partnering with the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria since 2007 to provide technical assistance to Bishop Francis Okobo for strengthening the Catholic schools of his diocese as a system. The opportunity to do this has been a remarkable journey of faith and service for me in my role as Director of Catholic School Identity and Mission in the Archdiocese, heading the partnership with Fr. Wilfred Odo, Judicial Vicar and director of the project in Nsukka. I have visited Nsukka, located in south central Nigeria, about twelve times. To address the many challenges of education in that area of Africa, I gathered about thirty people to work as a Committee of Interests in Chicago representing different expertise to address the complexities of the project. Of those thirty people almost twenty have visited Nigeria to build relationships and to construct a plan to assist the schools and hospitals in the diocese.