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Fr. Marek Kasperczuk

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Very Rev. Marek Kasperczuk is the Rector of Bishop Abramowicz Seminary in Chicago.

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  • Monday, September 06, 2010

    Seminarians from Poland to Serve in the Archdiocese of Chicago

    Bishop Abramowicz Seminary program is unique.  Founded by our Archbishop, Francis Cardinal George, in September 1999, it has annually recruited seminarians in Poland, who with the approval of their respective bishops there, have each freely elected to leave their native Poland with the idea of completing their seminary training here, first at Bishop Abramowicz Seminary Program in Chicago, then at Mundelein Seminary. The vision, the courage and faith of Cardinal George allowed Bishop Abramowicz Seminary to prepare and ordain over 25 priests, who serve in the Archdiocese of Chicago and other dioceses.