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Jim Disch

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Jim Disch is the director of the Office of Radio and Television for the Archdiocese of Chicago

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  • Monday, August 02, 2010

    Jesus didn’t have a Facebook page

    We produced a radio program recently in which one of the guests was Father Jay Finelli, a pastor of a parish in Tiverton, R.I.  He was talking about his iPadre podcast and how he made it even more accessible as an iPhone application.  Think about this.  He’s talking about reaching millions of people around the world with a faith-based app, and he’s talking about this on Relevant Radio 950-AM, a radio outlet that itself has an enormous coverage footprint in the Chicago area.  We produced the radio program on the same weekend when our half-hour TV program, Sanctuary, aired throughout Chicago and the suburbs on ABC-7.  And on the following day, we recorded our cable TV program, The Church, the Cardinal and YouIf you subscribe to the “Cardinal’s Network,” you probably received an email from Cardinal George that week also.