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Elena Segura

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Elena Segura is the director of the Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigration Education for the Archdiocese of Chicago

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  • Tuesday, January 04, 2011

    National Migration Week

    Nearly one hundred years ago, the Vatican established a tradition in the Church of recognizing immigrants in the month of January. Since 1980, the U.S. Catholic Bishops have set aside the first week of January each year as National Migration Week to raise consciousness of the global and diverse nature of the Church, and to acknowledge the struggles and contributions of immigrants in this country.


  • Monday, January 04, 2010

    Host and Guest and Immigrants

    “This is my body…” (Mt 26:26) The Eucharist is a powerful Sacrament for all Catholics. We have a Host – transformed into the Bread of Life – who invites us (we are his guests)  to take and eat and likewise become hosts for all of humanity. Transformed ourselves, we receive and share the Spirit of God so He may dwell within us and so all of humanity may become one family of God. How can we receive and welcome the “other”? That is really our own choice for we are all called to the table of communion.  This message resonates with Pope John Paul II’s 1999 letter, “Ecclesia in America” that challenged the bishops of the Americas to find ways for people who live in their communities to receive each other and work together for the common good of all humanity.