Teen Resources

  • A Bible study on the Gospel of Mark is available on-line and can be viewed at the convenience of participants.  Take advantage of this 16-session series by Fr. Jim McIlhone, Director of Biblical Formation for the Archdiocese of Chicago, by visiting www.wordmadeclear.org
  • Liturgy Training publications has developed What’s New About the Mass for Teens, a series of five videos to provide engaging, non-print content to help foster discussion among young people about the changes in the Mass coming later this year.  These videos can be presented at faith formation sessions to spark conversations about change, unity and participation in the church.

  • What's New About the Mass for Teens
    • The Words of the Mass Are Changing
    • And with Your Spirit
    • Why Do Words Matter?
    • The Eucharist
    • Wake Up!
  • Tom Howard, Program Director of Justice Education Office of Peace and Justice, provides training and services for adults at parishes wishing to develop a better capacity to engage youth with peace and justice initiatives. Visit Justice Education on the Archdiocesan website for details on how to invite Tom to your parish.
  • Relationship Education. Programs to provide healthy relationship education and skills to couples, singles and single parents are available in English and Spanish from The Family Ministries Office, through its partnership with Family Bridges.
    Visit www.familybridgeschicago.org for details.  Or call Family Ministries at 312-534-8351.
    Workshops for pastors, parish staff, volunteers and others interested in serving in Younth Ministry can choose from two workshops being offered by the Office for Catechesis and Youth Ministry Thursday, September 29,  and Saturday, October 1.
    CONTACT: Jackelin Herrera, 312-534-8044 or jherrera@archchicago.rog
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