Year 3: Year of Parent Formation (July 2013 - July 2014)

The third year will focus on fostering deeper connections with parents, particularly when they present their children for sacraments. This year may include but is by no means limited to some of the following elements:

  • Creating consistent and Archdiocesan-wide sacramental programs for parents that include a deep understanding of the sacraments as well as a growing appreciation for them as encounters with Christ and as the basis of the Christian life.
  • These programs should highlight parents' responsibility to raise their children in the faith. The vision is to create a family and home life that fosters a knowledge of faith, prayer, and service in the world. In that home and family, one would also value faith that works for justice and an appreciation of one's unique vocation or calling by God.
  • Developing a "viral" implementation approach that encourages parental involvement over time beyond particular sacramental years. In other words, lateral ministry would take place. Program participants one year become the volunteer leaders the next year.
  • Offering retreats or other programs for parents that encourage deeper reflections on their faith life and their role as models for their children
  • Developing additional tools and materials that will encourage parents to reconnect with their faith and provide them with home-based guidance to raise their children in the faith