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Posted 2/24/2017

Job Title:

Director of Turnaround Operations


Financial Services


Archbishop Quigley Center
835 N. Rush St.
Chicago, IL 60611-2030


Full time


The Director of Turnaround Operations is responsible for taking a leadership role in determining the strategic improvements of an assigned portfolio of Churches and Schools. The Director develops, implements, and monitors progress of each location improvement plan. The Director oversees all financial and operational aspects of each location in consultation with the local Pastor, and makes recommendations as appropriate. The Director provides guidance, counsel, and direction to each area Vicar, Pastor, and Operation Director and must proactively build their trust and earn their respect. The local Pastor and Director of Turnaround Operations oversees and manages the local Operations Director. The Director is a member of the Turnaround Management Team and is the administrative representative of the Senior Director of Finance and Operations.

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategic Planning and Implementation

• Analyze parish (church and school) financial trends through use of tools such as, but not limited to, annual reports, budgets and Parish historical data in order to: o Directively and patiently work through key issues, problems and opportunities to leverage stronger Parish fiscal performance o Assimilate information gathered from all sources to help develop a well-informed perspective allowing better diagnosing root causes of Parish operational and financial challenges o Identify priority opportunities for improvement o Evaluate performance against best practices o Provide Vicariate level feedback for use in Parish strategic planning

• Work with parishes and Vicariate counterparts to create Parish wide strategies, action plans, and goals focusing on operations, finance and administration. o Create measurable improvement plans with individual Parishes and monitor progress. Partner with OCS to create measurable administrative strategies and performance goals/action plans for the school o Partner with Vicariate Management Teams to create measurable administrative strategies and performance goals which will help strengthen the vitality of parishes Vicariate-wide.

Support, Consulting and Coaching

• Provide strategic financial/administrative support and consultation by reviewing monthly financial reports, annual reports and budgets, working with Parishes on Capital Project funding assessments, coordinating payroll advances and acting as financial approval authority for AIM and Turnaround locations

• Identify the financial and administrative issues and challenges that need Vicar-level and/or Dean-level attention and insuring strong communications and understanding between the Pastoral Center, the local vicar, vicariate leaders, pastors and parish leaders.

• Advise and support the Vicar and Deans in developing Vicariate Turnaround strategies as well as options and possible solutions to administrative and financial issues through activities such as budget feedback and annual Parish review and provide follow-up.

• Build relationships and cultivate the highest level of trust with Pastors and staff in order to understand the Parish mission and to help drive improvement through best practices in finance and administration

• Assist Parishes in identifying, interviewing, and developing/coaching and retaining business staff support by counseling Pastors on skills requirements and giving feedback on current staffing

• Counsel parishes, as appropriate, on the best way to address administrative concerns (e.g., HR, Facilities & Construction, Real Estate, Insurance) by providing “first-level” guidance

• Act as manager of resources for multi-faceted projects that often require strategic coordination across multiple departments, stakeholder groups and timelines and participate as appropriate

• Work with the Parish Operations group and the department of finance to help develop best-in-class common tools, processes and approaches across vicariates.

• Provide support and counsel to Vicariate and Parishes on Archdiocese lead strategic initiatives including such areas as Renew my Church, Parish Improvement Program, and Turnaround Program.

• Enable the management team to set and execute individual administrative plans.

• Provides business management guidance to Operation Director and/or Parish leaders which support Archdiocese of Chicago best practices and administration.

• Other duties as assigned.



  • Undergraduate Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or related. Graduate Degree preferred.
  • 5+ years business or not-for-profit management experience. Church management experience is desirable.
  • Knowledgeable of the principles of accounting and financial management.
  • Knowledgeable in personnel management, including policies, procedures, selection, benefits, federal and state laws, employee motivation, team building, etc.
  • Strong computer skills including knowledge of full Microsoft Office Suite (word processing, spreadsheet, and database).
  • Knowledgeable of safety and security issues.
  • Demonstrates value for the organization and responsible management of resources, and helps the Church fulfill its mission and purpose.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills.
  • Team focused orientation with a “Service Mindset” when working with others.
  • Strong Leadership Skills with the ability to identify issues, work with others to develop action plans, and lead staff and volunteers to reach resolution.
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills.
  • Strong drive to achieve results.
  • Must demonstrate understanding, respect and support for Catholic Church teaching, mission and values. Hiring preference will be given to candidates who are Catholic.

If you are interested in being considered for this opening, please visit the list of open positions on AppliTrack. Please complete a letter of interest, a profile, or submit your resume.

Thank you for your interest in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

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