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Posted 12/27/2016

Job Title:

School Financial Manager


Office of Catholic Schools




Full time


Basic Functions The School Financial Manager is responsible for implementing best practices and processes focused on school financial operations, including: tuition setting, discounting and collection; cash flow, revenue and expense management; and financial forecasting. Duties and Responsibilities 1. In collaboration with the Vicariate Team, including the Regional Director (RD), Marketing and Enrollment Manager (MEM) and the Director of (Parish) Vicariate Operations (DVO), creates strategies, performance goals and implementation plans to produce or sustain excellent outcomes in school financial operations; also works with the DVO in a consulting/advisory role regarding the health of church financial operations. 2. Monitors progress and measuring success of schools finance-related operational goals. 3. Is a standard bearer for finance-related operational excellence in Archdiocesan Catholic schools; coordinating with the RD and the DVO, he/she clearly communicates AoC standards, recommendations and expectations to the Principal, Business Manager, Pastor and other key Parish stakeholders and leaders, directly or indirectly through the RDs or DVO, as appropriate. 4. Provides transformational leadership and the strategic vision needed to ensure that weak and/or struggling schools in the area of finance-related operations adopt best practices and coordinated strategies to become financially self-sufficient. The School Finance Manager continuously identifies and applies best practices and inventories and disseminates those best practices across other schools through other School Finance Managers (and RDs and DVOs). 5. Builds and manages effective relationships with multiple school stakeholder and AoC policy groups, including the AoC Finance Department, School Principals, local Business Managers, Pastors, Parish Finance Councils, and School Boards. 6. Provides mentoring support and management coaching to school Business Managers. 7. Proactively uses his/her experience and judgment to diagnose root causes of finance-related operational issues and action items to address such issues, relying on any necessary OCS or AoC support/expert resources for assistance. 8. Is an exceptional manager of resources and multi-faceted projects that often require coordination across multiple departments, stakeholder groups and timelines 9. On a regular basis throughout the year, each year, the School Finance Manager monitors the implementation of tools and best practices and ensures accuracy and/or positive results regarding: a. Financial forecasting; b. Performance versus budget and budget forecasts; c. Setting of published Tuition rates and fees; d. Tuition discounting and financial aid; e. Tuition collection; f. Tuition management through the Tuition Tracker tool; g. Staffing and expenses; h. Cash flow management; i. AoC aid reduction; and j. Compliance with finance-related policies and procedures, including scholarship requirements and AoC best practices. 10. Identifies intervention strategies if there are issues with following policies/best practices, proper use of financial tools, the accuracy of financial reporting, or progress in meeting finance-related operational goals. 11. Continually monitors school enrollment and the concurrent expected tuition and fee revenue for current and forecasted fiscal years.* 12. Assists school officials in creating reasonable and accurate budgets for current and future fiscal years.* 13. Analyzes school financial statements to identify needs and better assess how to enhance financial viability.* 14. Conducts frequent meetings with school officials as necessary to in order to successfully perform the above-mentioned job duties.* 15. As requested, assists with school staffing decisions.* 16. Performs other tasks assigned by the Director of Strategy and Operations or the Chief Operating Officer that are essential to the function of the position.*


Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or accounting or related area from an Accredited University or College. 5-10 years in Financial Operations Management in an Accounting, Finance, Management or related field. Experience using Financial Software. Integrity, strong communication skills, able to balance multiple duties. Ability to travel on a daily basis to school sites

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